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Pedometer-based walking interventions provide sustained increases in physical activity levels, as well as reductions in cardiovascular events and fractures

Por: Pavagadhi · D. · Car · J.

Commentary on: Harris T, Limb ES, Hosking F, et al. Effect of pedometer-based walking interventions on long-term health outcomes: prospective 4-year follow-up of two randomised controlled trials using routine primary care data. PLoS Med 2019;16:e1002836.

Implications for practice and research

  • A primary care pedometer-based intervention can be an effective and scalable approach for increasing physical activity, and potentially improving long-term health outcomes.

  • Further research is needed for testing the effects of comparable physical activity to identify if outcomes differ across diseases depending on the length of follow-up and change in the physical activity levels.

  • Context

    Long-term diseases are a priority health concern globally, and associated with considerable disease burden,1 lowered quality of life,2 morbidity and mortality.1 2 Prompt and evidence-based approaches for the prevention and optimal management of long-term diseases are imperative. Although the association between...